Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022: Results and Lessons

eCommerce business owners, you can breathe! Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 have been and gone, marking the end of the November shopping frenzy. This year’s Black Friday long weekend was highly successful, with eCommerce merchants recording unprecedented sales even amidst the global inflationary conditions tightening consumers’ purse strings. With Christmas just around the corner, […]

Grow Your eCommerce Business with Financing via Flinke

Flinke Financing Portal

eCommerce financing is a type of funding given to businesses to help them unleash their full potential and grow without being bound by their limited working capital. Most eCommerce businesses use this funding to purchase more stock and cover their marketing expenses as well as other operating costs such as storage and fulfilment. Flinke presents […]

Where to Direct Funding to Grow Your eCommerce Business

where to direct funding

Whether your eCommerce business is up and running or you’re an entrepreneur with a bright idea, sufficient cash flow is crucial to the success of your venture. You may have received or be applying for funding for your eCommerce business to take it to new heights. If you have secured funding for your business, it’s […]

How to optimise eCommerce Customer Experience

Customer experience is arguably one of the most essential facets of any business. It influences your customers’ perceptions of your brand and determines whether or not they will shop with you again. Nearly 3/4 of consumers’ purchasing habits are driven by customer experience. As growing market competition increases the challenge of customer acquisition, it is […]

Our Top Three Shipping Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a massive growth in online sales worldwide. Global retail eCommerce sales in 2022 have reached $5.7 trillion, which is only expected to rise over the next few years. In fact, by 2026, retail eCommerce sales are projected to grow by 56%! This proliferation in online sales has massively […]

Reducing Costs During High Return Season: A How-To Guide

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the winter holiday season fast approaching, it’s inevitable that your eCommerce business will experience an increase in sales. With that comes increased levels of returns. Research has showed that 30% of all online orders are returned. Returns can take a real toll on your revenue, so it’s essential that […]

How to prepare your eCommerce business for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022?

  Black Friday– the worldwide shopping event that marks the beginning of the Christmas buying frenzy and sees consumers hunting for the best cheap deals on the market.   Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which happens to be the 25th of November this year. While at one time a phenomenon exclusive to […]

Optimising the Sustainability Factor of Your E-Commerce Business: A How-To Guide

  As sustainability becomes an increasingly common topic of conversation. And ordinary people begin to act with the environment held more closely in mind than ever before. It’s no surprise that we are seeing a drastic change in consumption habits.   Studies by Deloitte on attitudes toward sustainability have shown that consumers buy less and […]

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